Sacred Sound Bath


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Sacred Sound Bath


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Sacred Healing Sound Bath

A sound bath is an immersion into the realm of resonant healing through the science of vibrational tones.  These soothing tones are used to gently open life force within our body’s emotions and mind.  Different musical notes correspond to various energy centers and parts of the body that gently bring relaxation and rejuvenation throughout your senses. 

In this Sacred Sound Bath we will use a combination of chimes, crystal and metal singing bowls played live, with live and recorded Divine tones and affirmative prayers.  This is a spiritual non- denominational experienced to relax and rejuvenate your entire body in a serene atmosphere. 

Details and info:

This is a gentle and relaxing experience that anyone will enjoy.  The following details will help insure an enjoyable experience:

•The sound levels in this gathering are designed to be immersive, so the volume will be at a comfortable higher level.  Not too intense, but not soft.

•Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to take off your shoes (socks are recommended).

•This sacred sound bath is traditionally done lying down on a yoga mat with a blanket and pillow; we ask that you bring these items to the event (see check list below).  Some people find bringing and extra pillow or bolster for under their knees to be an added comfort.  If you prefer to be seated in a chair we are happy to provide one.

•Although the light levels will be fairly dim, if you would like to bring an eye pillow, feel free.

•Please avoid wearing perfumes to this gathering.

•Please avoid alcohol or recreational drugs 8 hours prior to the event.

•Often times insights and revelations occur so a journal and pen area consideration to bring.

•You will be laying down for approximately 45-50 minutes.

Sherman Oaks                                                          

Mats, blankets, bolsters & pillows are provided  

Optional items to bring:                                               

1. Journal / pen                      

2. Small bottle of water                                                  

Facilitated by: Keith Horwitz


Cost at the door



Sherman Oaks