My Philosophy for life is simple: Balance, growth, expansion and fun. I believe that life is supposed to be full of love, joy and harmony; expressing that part of you that is at your core, your essence. Some people call it your Purpose. To me our Purpose lies inside our hearts and by accessing our true nature through meditation, prayer, introspection and inquiry we can live lives that are rich and full of meaning and bliss. To some this may sound trite or simple, but bliss is far from that. If you have experienced bliss, and I mean true bliss, then you know what I mean.

To be “awake” and consciously participate in the unfoldment of your own life, not only benefits you but everyone you know, and everyone in the world. As Oprah says “live your best life.” I believe, and am deeply grateful, that by living your bliss you truly create peace and harmony on a global level.

I found my Purpose many years ago, and one of the things my heart revealed to me was to help others heal and reveal what is in their hearts. To me the cornerstone of all growth is Self Empowerment. Helping you discover what makes your heart sing! After years of study at various organizations including the Agape International Spiritual Center, I have developed a practice and help people heal by giving them the tools of self empowerment. Using Integrated Energy Therapy®, Meditation, Visioning and various other techniques that help you be your authentic self!

Now is the perfect time to go deeper into who you really are. No matter where you are in life, no matter how old, what conditions you have in your life, no matter what ... now is the perfect time to heal your life and live your bliss!




Upcoming Events



Energy Therapy®

Certification Courses

in Los Angeles


   Introduction to IET®



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   IET Basic Level:

    Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 In L.A.

   IET Intermediate Level:

     Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019 in L.A.

   IET Advanced Level:

    Saturday, Feb. 23,  2019 in L.A.

  IET Intensive- Basic, Intermediate

   & Advanced ( All three levels)

   Friday, Feb. 8, Saturday, Feb. 9

   & Satruday, Feb. 23rd


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IET® Master Instructor Level

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Upcoming Classes in 2019

March, 9-10 in Sedona, AZ

April, 13-14 in Los Angeles, CA

Sept.  in Los Angeles, CA

Nov.  In Sedona, AZ


Prayer & Prosperity

5-week Class

February 13 - March 13, 2019

Newport Beach, CA

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Sacred Sound Bath

TBA - Sherman Oaks

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“The harmony of your being is already stored within you, and you have only to bring it forth from within you into fullness of expression, not try to add it to your self from outside.”

-Joel Goldsmith




Yoga Nidra Meditation



at Aum & Garden, Sherman Oaks

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at SoulCenter OC

Newport Beach, CA

Next: Feb.  3,   2019

          Feb. 24,  2019



an appointment

You can either call:

(818) 913-9691

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IET® Meet & Retreat

Saturday, Feb. 16th


At Aum & Garden,

Sherman Oaks

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Keith’s Meditation CD

Is Now Available.  Currently available at Alice’s Quiet Mind  Bookstore at Agape and Aum & Garden. To order by phone call: 818-913-9691. 

Will be available on-line soon.


Past Talks - Video Archives: Click here

Jan. 27, 2019

Dec. 30, 2018

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